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Licensed Agent & Owner

A business owner for over 20 years, Daniel Hill has spent a lifetime advising individuals within the creative community on methods for using their artistic expression to increase their financial solvency. Now, he uses his knowledge and experience in the Medicare space, and takes pride in educating his clients and aiding them in navigating the ever-changing landscape within the industry and the impact these changes have on their individual health care.

"I love what I do for a living. I especially appreciate helping beneficiaries ensure they are in the best possible plan for them and receiving all of the benefits they are eligible for."

A former Maryland resident, Daniel is passionate about the communities within Washington D.C., MD, and VA that fostered his passion for creativity. Meanwhile, he equally hopes to be a resource within Iron County and the surrounding southwestern Utah region where his family is establishing roots.

"My parents are at the age where a lot of their questions and concerns are the same as many of my clients. I realize how important it is to have someone within your network that you can depend on to do the necessary research to meet each individual's and family's needs."

Daniel and his team stay up-to-date on the latest plans, compliance regulations and enrollment tools while educating the local senior community; trained to listen and empathize in order to find the best plan for their clients.